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Desert Distortion (monograph) explores the human—more-than-human interrelationships of desert places and their representations in literature, art, and film. Texas Tech University Press, forthcoming 2025.

Storied Deserts: Reimagining Global Arid Lands.

Co-editor, Aidan Tynan. Routledge. In production for 2024.


peer reviewed

“Color, Place, and Memory in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Gardens in the Dunes.” Reading Aridity in Western American Literature. Eds. Jada Ach and Gary Reger. Lexington Books, 2020.


Public Facing


Osuna, C. E. Finn, and O. E. Sala. 2021. “What Dune Should Teach Us About the Beauty of ‘Wastelands.Scientific American.

"The Desert: A Well-Spring of the Imagination." For CBC Radio's IDEAS.

Spotlights, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Podcast.


"Art As Transformative" for the Social Transformation Lab's Okay! School Me podcast with Arizona PBS. 2023.

"Taking a Humanistic Approach to Environmental Issues." For ASU News.

"Letting in the Light: ASU's partnership with artist James Turrell on Roden Crater leads to thought-provoking artwork." For Disrupt, the magazine for Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.

"Peering into Landscapes with Literature." For Accents on English at Arizona State University.

"Doctoral Graduate Embraces Landscapes, Literatures." For ASUNow. 

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