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Nosotras Las Mujeres / We the Women Exhibition (2022)

Curated by Agustin Vargas, Nosotras Las Mujeres / We the Women opened at Xico Inc.  on June 3, 2022 and ran until August 26. I exhibited an acrylic painting, "desert womxn," and two relief prints: "womxn's love: blood, sweat, and tears" and "solís." An amazing experienced to be selected for this and to have my art share the space with so many talented womxn.

Vernal Equinox  (2019) 

Equinox-inspired design using nails, and painted plywood, 2' x 2'. the piece was displayed as part of the ASU-Roden Crater Field Labs Showcase, 29 April 2019. The piece started as a sketch while in the field for Shadow Survey, and was used for making prints. 

Shadow Survey (2019) - in collaboration with artist Benjamin Hoste


Wooden level staff with mason’s string line in situ tracing the path of the sun and moon’s shadow on the Vernal Equinox.


An exploration into the experience and visualization of the shapes of time. During the project, we set out for the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and set up the staff the night before beginning to trace the sun's shadows around dawn. The sun's shadows were marked with with the bright green mason's line and after sunset, the moon's shadows were marked with the bright pink line. The entire performance took from dawn on March 20, the Vernal Equinox, to dawn on March 21. 

Above: A time lapse draft of Shadow Survey, a collaboration with artist Ben Hoste, performed March 20, 2019 during the Vernal Equinox.

Time Shores (2016) - in collaboration with the Lab of Critical Technics, Paul Harris, and Richard Turner

Time/Shores is a multi-media installation that invites participants to contemplate the interactions of the geological and human histories of the Desert Southwest. Incorporating sculpture, video and interactive audio elements, "Time/Shores" invokes the underwater past and future of the desert.

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