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Desert Humanities Launches at ASU

Desert Humanities: Creating Interdisciplinary Collaboration, 23 Sept. 2019. Left to Right: nik gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic (FoAM), Timothy Morton, Adam Nocek, and Ronald Broglio. Photo: Devoney Looser.

Yesterday was the official launch of the Desert Humanities Initiative at ASU. The Initiative is hosted by IHR (Institute for Humanities Research) and spearheaded by its co-director Dr. Ron Broglio. The day began with a panel on Interdisciplinary Collaboration and was followed by a performative double-header about Desert Attunement featuring the day's guests of honor, nik gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic (of FoAM) and cultural theorist Tim Morton. The livestream video of the performance has been archived here:

It ended with Dust & Shadow Acoustic Ecology Salon, in which attendees were able to experience the study room created by FoAM in tandem with Luke Kautz, Ron Broglio, and archivists from the Hayden Library. It was also the release of Dust & Shadow's latest publications and of "FoAM's first 12'' vinyl, a dark ambient conversation with the desert."

You can listen / purchase the album (pressed on clear vinyl with slight bits of smoky wax) here at their bandcamp.

Dust & Shadow 12" release.


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