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Digital Humanities Open Session

16 May 2019

As a public part of the D.H. Pedagogy Summer Institute, IHR and Connected Academics brought these incredible guest speakers to encourage us to approach and use digital humanities in empowering, organic, and creative ways.

Both presentations were immensely helpful in providing ways into DH pedagogy, complete with concrete examples, great research, and encouragement.

Tangible Digital Humanities

Whitney Sperrazza - Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Hall Center for the Humanities

This talk argues digital humanities training is most effective when it is tangible—that is, when it is grounded in the methods and approaches we traditionally hold dear as humanities scholars. Dr. Sperrazza will discuss several examples of how she has combined analog and digital practices in the classroom and prompt us to consider the promise of hands-on humanities work made possible by digital training.

The Feminist Genealogies of Digital Pedagogy

Danica Savonick - Assistant Professor of English at SUNY Cortland

Dr. Savonick situates current conversations around digital pedagogy, public humanities, and student writing within a genealogy of feminist and anti-racist aesthetics and activism.

Above: 1) Elizabeth Grumbach from IHR exploring Twine with the DH Institute. 2) Sean Moxley-Kelley, Danica Savonick preparing for the unconference. 3) and 4) Slides from Danica Savonick's presentation. 5) Slide from Whitney Sperrazza's presentation. 6) The room plastered with ideas, outcomes, and more at the end of the institute.

Event link with more info:


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